High voltage regulator: The key to high-speed charging

In the latest news in battery technology, the world’s first high-voltage regulator can power high-power lithium-ion batteries.

Invented in the US in 2015, the device is called the DC-DC Power Converter, and it can provide more than 200VAC to recharge batteries with up to 10 percent efficiency, which makes it a major breakthrough for battery technology.

According to its manufacturer, the converter is 100 percent compatible with lithium-polymer batteries, and is made of a thin, flexible polymer that can be used to produce battery cells.

The company says the converter can supply up to 100VAC when fully charged.

“We think it will be a major advancement in battery charging,” said Avi Zohar, chief executive officer at Yitzhar.

“It will reduce the amount of power needed to charge batteries and save on energy.”

Yitzkar also announced that the converter will be available on May 1 for the iPhone X, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Note 8.

The device is expected to ship in July.

Yitzhar said the converter, which has a lifespan of about two years, can power a battery with up-to 50 percent efficiency when fully charging.

The new converter uses a polymer-based material, which is a type of polymer that has high conductivity, and the polymer can be flexible.

The converter is a flexible material that can also be used in electronics, like a battery, to charge lithium-batteries.

The polymer also acts as a conductor for the battery’s electrodes, so the converter has a high electrical conductivity.

The polymers also act as a stabilizer in battery life, meaning they prevent the battery from being fully charged or overheating.

“The polymer polymer material has a very high electrical capacity and high conductive capacity,” said Zohara.

“We believe it can help in the production of lithium-metal batteries.”

Zohr said that the polymer polymer has a long shelf life and can be recycled.

Yitzar says it can be reused in the manufacturing of battery cells and batteries, which are already widely used in electronic devices.

According to Yitzhar, the power conversion is an important step in the development of the polymer technology.

“This will provide an entirely new, high-performance polymer battery,” said Yitzhur.

The conversion will also improve battery life and provide a more efficient power conversion.

“The efficiency will be much higher than today’s polymer battery, which means the battery can charge up to 50 percent,” said Rami Mounir, director of Yitzhak, adding that the new polymer battery will be able to produce about 50 percent more energy than the current polymer battery.


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