Why Jerusalem’s residents should worry about the new rules

More than one million residents of the Jewish city have received letters from the city’s mayor informing them of new rules restricting the use of solar energy and restricting the outdoor watering of lawns.

The mayor’s office issued the letter on Sunday, urging residents to use water conservation to reduce the amount of water needed for watering the lawns and plants.

It also said that the city will restrict outdoor watering to the following times: from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.; from 11 a.ms. to 1 p.ms.; from 4 p.mn. to 2 p.min. and from 6 p to 6 a.,m.

for the daytime hours.

The regulations also require that all outdoor watering must be conducted in accordance with a permit issued by the municipality.

The letter also urged residents to follow the citywide rules on public urination, defecation, and waste disposal.

The city’s water use rules came into effect last month.

The rules, which are enforced on the streets and in areas of the city where the water supply is scarce, require that the number of water pipes per household be reduced by 1.5 meters, the distance between the pipes to allow for less water runoff, and that water use be reduced on the lowest levels.

The new rules, announced in February, require residents to have a public toilet in their homes by 2019.

The city’s waste management agency will also be required to increase its recycling program to help residents reclaim the water used by water filtration and wastewater treatment plants.

The latest water restrictions come as the city prepares to open its new airport, which will be the first in the world to be open to passengers from outside the country.

The airport’s opening will be delayed until at least 2019 as the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has set aside $8 billion for the airport, according to an estimate from the Jerusalem Post.

The government is also working to set up an airport near the northern town of Nablus, which was hit hard by the 2014 Gaza war and is home to several Palestinian families.


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