Microtek to bring voltage stabilizers to mobile phones

Microtek, the global leader in mobile processor technology, is introducing its new Microtek Voltage Stabilizer (VST) stabilizer for smartphones.

Microtek’s VST is a revolutionary mobile processor design that integrates advanced technology to increase performance and battery life.

VSTs are designed to help stabilize processor speeds and stability on mobile devices that are designed for maximum performance and efficiency.

The new microtek voltage stabilization technology will be available to smartphone OEMs as a smartphone OS upgrade, said Microworks VP of Technology & Media Development, Mike Vitti.

The VST stabilizer’s patented technology helps improve performance on smartphones with improved energy efficiency and power management, Vittis announcement said.

The company will offer its VST on smartphones starting this year.

The device will be sold in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America.

Vittic said that Microwork is working with Micron, the company behind Micron processor chipsets, to launch a microtech VST smartphone that will be ready in the third quarter of this year, adding that Micron’s chip partners are looking to bring VST to the smartphone market in 2018.

Micron chipsets have become increasingly popular among mobile device makers, especially those in the emerging markets, because of their ability to run on low-power devices, low-cost mobile phones and the low cost of their chipsets.

MicrowORK has previously partnered with Samsung and LG to deliver the VST stabilization on their mobile devices.

Vst stabilizers are designed in-house by Micron for the company’s processors and are a key part of the companys portfolio of processors and chipsets that have received international acclaim.

MicRON, the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturer, is the largest processor technology company in the world with more than 5,000 employees and nearly 40,000 customers.

Micrometer and its subsidiaries are headquartered in Shanghai and its headquarters are in Hong Kong.

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